2008 Photo Video - Madagascar

Here's a little video we made to Coldplay's "The Speed of Sound" with our pictures of friends, family, and co-workers over the past year.

Another Year Over

Wow, we made it through another Holiday Season away from family and friends! Just barely though. :) Although Christmas is celebrated here it just isn’t the same without family. We send the best of wishes to you all!
We’ve also made it through another year! We’ve seen Seth and Amber (Jake’s brother and sister-in-law) & Jim, Joan, and Katie (Erin’s dad, mom, and sister) come for great visits to the bush of Madagascar. We’ve commented to ourselves how our mindset had changed just between those two visits and how it continues to change. We are becoming more and more at ease with the culture, the people, and in general the Peace Corps lifestyle. We are seeing more and more how things could change and how things will probably never change for the people in our village. Our village faces social, economical, political, and cultural challenges to improving their lives that without living here for two years we probably would not be able to comprehend.
Again, this year we’ve seen the excitement of projects succeeding and the frustration of projects failing. We’ve seen people embrace projects and we’ve seen some people set out to make our projects fail. We’ve seen friends bringing new life into the world and we’ve seen friends pass away. We’ve celebrated together with our village during the holidays and we’ve mourned together during tragedies. Peace Corps really is the most challenging thing we’ve ever done. We couldn’t have gotten through another year without your phone calls, e-mails, packages, letters, and support. Thanks to you all and Happy Holidays!