We are currently working closely with Honore, a friend living in Madagascar, to make sure a young Malagasy girl, Odile, graduates college. She is currently 12 years old and without Honore's guidance and our assistance, this bright young girl, would not be continuing school. She comes from an extremely remote village of Madagascar where only primary education is available. She is now living away from her family with a few of her peers handling responsibilities and situations most of her American peers will not experience until college or thereafter. We are so proud of her and her classmates! Thank you Honore for all of your hard work!


We are working to help Honore start a non-profit to make it possible to support more students who otherwise would not have an opportunity to obtain an education. If you would like to hear more about this project or are interested in supporting one of the many bright students eager to continue their education please contact us.

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You guys are real IT experts and humanitarians. Great webpage!