Power Breaks!

Trying to keep the breaks I take during the day "productive" by using my trainer to generate electricity for the fan and laptop (catching up on "24" which I have apparently been out of the loop on since early last decade).


Here is the earlier video of Derek and I when we first put it together. I've made a few modifications since then.

Easy Aquaponics System Sensing With Arduino

I have been messing around a little with Arduino and sensing the temperature and conductivity of the fish tank to get a better sense of the health of the overall system. Below is the code. I will be posting picture schematics using Fritzing soon.

This sketch:
* reads temperature (LM335AZ Analog Sensor)
* reads conductivity (see:
* posts information to LCD (NOKIA 3310 display)
* posts information to a personal web page (for personal database storage via mySQL, etc)
* Analog Temperature Sensor (LM335AZ) attached to analog in 1
* Conductivity Sensor (see above link) attached to analog pins A2, A5 (measuring signal between the two probes at 1 cm)
* Nokia 3310 connected to digital pins 3,4,5,6,7
* Ethernet shield attached to pins 10, 11, 12, 13
* see for specific schematics
To do:
* Dissolved oxygen sensor
* pH sensor
* automatic fish feeder (using stepper motor
* heater control (closer monitoring of heaters increases energy efficiency)
* aquaponic grow bed temperature
* aquaponic grow bed humidity
* total energy consumption of entire aquaponics system

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